The Allstar gateway on the Paddington repeater can access the following networks Allstar, Echolink, IRLP and DMR via the VKMultiNET, using a standard FM transceiver that can generate DTMF Tones.

The repeater is located in Paddington an inner city suburb of Sydney and has good coverage around City, Inner west and Eastern Suburbs.

Connecting the repeater to a remote network is done by issuing DTMF commands. The repeaters controller supports a number of commands they all start with a DMTF *

There are also some DTMF commands that report back information from the repeater controller.

The VK2ROT repeater can connect to nodes on the Echolink, IRLP, Allstar and VKMultiNET Networks using node numbers. Node numbers need to be in a specific format to allow connection. Node numbers are used as follows.
last contact
Mon Sep 20 20:13:10 AEST 2021 == 55421 Connected EchoLink 3322564 <=IN== VK2DY [EchoLink 322564] (
Mon Sep 20 20:13:29 AEST 2021 == 55421 Disconnected EchoLink 3322564 =v= VK2DY [EchoLink 322564] (
Tue Sep 21 02:32:03 AEST 2021 == 55421 Connected EchoLink 3019861 <=IN== VA3ITB [EchoLink 19861] (
Tue Sep 21 02:32:09 AEST 2021 == 55421 Disconnected EchoLink 3019861 =v= VA3ITB [EchoLink 19861] (